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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shower of Now

          Past is just…a minute old future, Ask me not how         
Let’s get drenched in this Shower of Now!

 Light is just…a minute old darkness, Ask me not how 
Let’s get drenched in this Shower of Now!

Fruit is…a minute old root, Ask me not how
Let’s get drenched in this Shower of Now!

Solution is…a minute old problem, Ask me not how
Let’s get drenched in this Shower of Now!

Visible is…a minute old invisible, ask me not how
Let’s get drenched in this Shower of Now!

Knowledge is…a minute old ignorance, Ask me not how
Let’s get drenched in this Shower of Now!

Waking dream is…a minute old sleeping dream, Ask me not how
Let’s get drenched in the Shower of Now!

Time is purely a concept; if you know it by now
You’ll get absorbed in this Shower of Now! :-)

You are indestructible anyhow, just know it here & now
You are this Shower of Now! You are this Shower of Now!:-)

Jai Guru
With Love,

Nitin Ram
20 AUGUST 2010  
    Being is ‘ease’ and Becoming…a dis'ease’
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dear....So Wonderfully Reminding My True Nature Again & Again....
Thanks For Ur Keen Support !
Best Wishesh.

-Santosh Dubal

Anonymous said...

"very well said nitya!!!"

-Nitin Musale

Anonymous said...

"beautiful, Nitin!"


Nitin Ram said...

Thanks everyone for being HERE :-)

Anonymous said...

well said, sir - one is really this shower of now - but even the now that the mind has captured / related to with thought is a minute old past - thus the shower of now is beyond the thought of now..



Anonymous said...

Nice one.

Similar is said by Sri Ramana Maharshi in 40 verses on truth:

Both Past (and Future in their current or running time are presence only

i think hindi translation will do better justice

वर्तमान काल और भविष्य काल दोनो अपनी चालु स्थितिमें वर्तमान काल हीं है। इसीलिये वर्तमान काल हीं सत्य है। - १५ -
this is not full translation of the verse.

better translation than mine :)

Only with reference to the present can the past and the future exist. They too, while current, are the present. To try to determine the nature of the past and the future while ignoring the present is like trying to count without the unit.
- Verse 15



Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,
simply beautiful!

With love & regards,Jai Guru.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

That so easy to read but hard to implement! Of course one your achieve this there is no more misery.

-Milind Joshi

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Dear MJ :-)

Being is 'ease' and Becoming a Dis'ease'.

With Love

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

Hi.. nice one... Hp everything is fine... Day by Day u r growing spiritually... Vl be nice to know more from u...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ram,

Nice words...expressions.

Adding few more to it. You have any ways expressed it in the last lines.

He is unveiled...a minute old Me gone, Ask me now how
We are not all but, "He" - Shower of Now!

-Nalin Shah

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Nalin :-)
How are you doing !

Anonymous said...

Excellent expression
Extremely fresh
Extraordinary pointers

Many Regards,


Anonymous said...

Truly, self drenching shower. fantastic, awesome.
Many thanks


deepa said...

Reading what you write is like looking at the world through different glasses! I am trying to understand the paradigm, and enjoying the possibility of what may lie ahead on this road...

Nitin Ram said...

Thank you.... Best wishes