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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Awesome Absence

the presence
the beloved
could be
one’s own presence
is certainly
Awesome...! :-)

Jai Guru

Kar gayaa re… Kar gayaa re
Kar gaya mujhape jaadu Sanwariya
Kar gaya dil pe jaadu!
Ye kya kiya re…
Gazab kiya re…
Kar gaya mujhape jaadu Sanwariya!

The Master has casted such a fascinating spell of magic that I am not found anywhere. The heart is pumping  with overflowing gratitude....... Is it my absence or His presence...!!! Whatever..... Who knows.... Who cares ...! Lol

Salam Satguru...
kadam kadam pe hazaro sajade...
karunga sir ko zuka zuka kar...

With Love,

-Nitin Ram
18 APRIL 2012

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer.