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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Is it so difficult…?

Innocence … the forgotten Key!

Anna R: In Bhagawad Gita, Lord Krishna says,
“Only one in a million recognizes me”.
Is it so difficult...?

NR: Thanks Anna for the mail.
Offcourse not! :-)
In fact it is neither difficult nor easy.
Why so... ?
Because, in either cases
IT is assumed as separate from IT!
It just IS…..! :-)

As a matter of fact
one in a million has
the real urge to merge,
courage and the honesty
to accept… to admit
that he/she doesn’t know anything!

Lord Krishna does not doubt
anyone’s ability here! :-)
As each one is born with the ability
to meet his/her Real Nature,
as there is no other purpose for this play of life.

One in a billion can honestly admit,
‘I don’t know’!

One in a trillion can innocently sit
at the feet of the Lord/ Master/ Self… Radha.
Sitting at the feet is just a poetic expression of
the heart which is ready to mingle
& eager to surrender…dissolve
in to its Original Substance!

Each one is born Innocent but
forgets this Ultimate Key,
 in the obsession of acquiring the knowledge (?)!
Innocence is unaware & untouched by any doubts
and needs no special training for the faith. :-)

Innocence is that forgotten Key!

Nothing obstructs
more than knowledge 
(intellectual information)!

Nothing can prevent
Innocence…! :-)

I am so much thankful...

Jai Guru

With love & gratitude,

-Nitin Ram
04 OCTOBER 2011

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!

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Monday, October 03, 2011

One sip is more than enough…

Picture Courtesy:
Desi Bar

The drink is ready here,
have a sip…
if you are ready…!

The swig is ready,
sip it now…
if you aren’t obsessed
with the labels…! :-)

Nothing obstructs
more than labels & brands!

Label seeks the label,
the easiest way to miss
the divine wine! :-)

One sip is more than enough...
drunk through the Heart…!

Cheers :-)

Jai Guru

With love,

-Nitin Ram
03 OCTOBER 2011
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!