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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Is it so difficult…?

Innocence … the forgotten Key!

Anna R: In Bhagawad Gita, Lord Krishna says,
“Only one in a million recognizes me”.
Is it so difficult...?

NR: Thanks Anna for the mail.
Offcourse not! :-)
In fact it is neither difficult nor easy.
Why so... ?
Because, in either cases
IT is assumed as separate from IT!
It just IS…..! :-)

As a matter of fact
one in a million has
the real urge to merge,
courage and the honesty
to accept… to admit
that he/she doesn’t know anything!

Lord Krishna does not doubt
anyone’s ability here! :-)
As each one is born with the ability
to meet his/her Real Nature,
as there is no other purpose for this play of life.

One in a billion can honestly admit,
‘I don’t know’!

One in a trillion can innocently sit
at the feet of the Lord/ Master/ Self… Radha.
Sitting at the feet is just a poetic expression of
the heart which is ready to mingle
& eager to surrender…dissolve
in to its Original Substance!

Each one is born Innocent but
forgets this Ultimate Key,
 in the obsession of acquiring the knowledge (?)!
Innocence is unaware & untouched by any doubts
and needs no special training for the faith. :-)

Innocence is that forgotten Key!

Nothing obstructs
more than knowledge 
(intellectual information)!

Nothing can prevent
Innocence…! :-)

I am so much thankful...

Jai Guru

With love & gratitude,

-Nitin Ram
04 OCTOBER 2011

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!

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Anna R said...

Oh God, Thank God :)

You put me in the pool of tears, thk u so much nitin. You are the Master 'key maker':), who makes variety of beautiful keys. am grateful again for this Key, which i would never ever forget :)

kind regards

Anna R


True very true.

Great Words

Thanks for Sharing

Nitin Ram said...

:) So kind of you. I know nothing more than the grace of the Guru.

Sanjay Shirole said...

You are absolutely right when you say - nothing obstructs more than knowledge - anything that is 'known' is not the seer/knower ..


Anonymous said...

one in million is the lord only, here word million is just to signify only duality.-Uday

Nitin Ram said...

Nothing obstructs
more than knowledge (information)!
And sometime it is Non-Dual knowledge....! :-)

I repeat again, "One in a billion can honestly admit,
‘I don’t know’!"

"I know" is the biggest obstacle which a rare one surpasses.....

With Love

deepa said...

Very beautiful indeed.

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,
'I know nothing' is a very good thing. Complete Surrender.


Nitin Ram said...

Am grateful.....Thanks everyone..

Anonymous said...

I don"t know is really difficult answer.-Uday

Nitin Ram said...

In a way, it is really difficult answer :-)

It is difficult for someone who has strong notion of 'I know'...!
What is the strong notion of 'I know' means? It means the existence of the 'separate knower'! It means the existence of the trinity (knower-knowledge-knowing)!

Someone who actually KNOWS (person with the Understanding, without understander)...can easily admit 'I dont know' because the separate knower has dissolved along with the accumulated knowledge!Trinity has vanished forever!

Another person who can easily admit 'I dont know' is the rarest one who has childlike innocence, who is still full of wonder and amazement!! This is very very rare among the so called spiritual seekers. Otherwise,Someone who has no idea about so called spirituality can surely have this innocence and easily say, 'I dont know'. Hence is the possiblity for him/her to Realize his Real transcend the trinity and transcend the suffering!

Unless the trinity of 'knower, knowning and knowledge' is dissolved, 'I dont know' is the most difficult statement to utter.
Mere understanding this trinity by intellect is not enough, as it inevitably lands up the person in much stronger 'I know', which is the primary suffering.:-)

This is the rarest paradox though :-)

Many Thanks

Jai Guru

With Love n Regards

Anonymous said...

those who live in avidya enter blinding darkness , but those who revel in knowledge enter into ever greater darkness
isavasya upanishad

Nitin Ram said...

I am amazed...

Why quote anybody...
If That is not your own Understanding!


If That is your own Understanding...
You may never need to quote anybody!!!

Why not quote anybody with a honest footnote, " I read this, I liked this...But yet 'I don't know'...!!!

*Understanding here is the Bodha/Understanding without separate understander.

With Love

Mila Makal said...

Relax, your head is already in the tiger's mouth.

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Mila...Love you :-)

One more Trinity:

(Your head-Tiger's Mouth-Process of eating)


Sid Varma said...

Very BEAUTIFUL......

Deepaks Shukla said...

That's why it is said realization is process of de-learning

Latika Teotia said...

Wow....beautifuuul ....Nitin .... :)

Dr.Shweta said...

Simply Surreal...
As the Gurus always guide and hint towards, only those who have child like innocence, who have remained in the world yet not been a part of it,will be a able to recognize Him in the crowd of millions,.

Just one glance and the seeker knows... it is the heart that sees and the soul that hears His voice...
How do you explain everything so beautifully? I believe it is your Guru's grace... be blessed.

Nitin Ram said...

@Dr.Shweta: Yes Shweta...the heartful seeker with real thirst keep singing n searching...'Tu kaha yeh bataa..iss nashili raat me...mane na mera dil diwana'....but with the undeniable faith that the beloved will open the veil one day :-)! He/She recognizes the beloved in each n every happening around him/her.
The innocence is the key....and Love the ultimate Alchemy...!

Nothing can surpass the Grace of the Satguru... _()_

Kadam kadam pe hazaro sajade...karunga sir ko zuka zuka ker... :-)

Thanks again....

@HariOm Tiwari:
Dear Banarasi Babu, please forgive for my ignorance as I just cant understand what you write. Thanks with love...:-)

HariOm Tiwari said...

'Innocence out of Ignorance'
'Innocence out of WISDOM'
A child looks innocent but out of ignorance !
A seer is innocent but out of wisdom !
is THE
Last SEER born never to die !
I m sorry I dont look like a child neither m to be classified into one among men of wisdom !
...HariOm Tiwari

HariOm Tiwari said...

One (1)
I love u my-friend-NITIN RAM !
Zero (0)
Jai Ram Jai Ram Jai NITIN RAM !!

In spite of all defincency on my part I, may be allowed to remain with topic linked with irrespective to the way of writing not clearly understood because of innocence on part of your goodself !

HariOm Tiwari said...

Let me try in reference by quoting Nitin Ram “….please forgive for my ignorance as I just cant understand what you write….”

HariOm Tiwari said...
"Since eternity - One out of million, by virtue of whatever - never to be known beforehand by other than the one, is being passed through the grace of The Supreme and among such graced, only one is found blessed to remain transcendental throughout any further in the never ending process of evolution upto eternity."

"अनंत काल से - लाखों मे कोई-एक, किसी भी गुणात्मक-योग्यता के आधार पर - पहले से उस एक को छोड़कर किसी अन्य द्वारा कभी नहीं जान पाने को– सर्वश्रेष्ठ की अनुग्रह से गुजारा जा रहा होता है और ऐसे अनुगृहीत लोगों के बीच मात्र एक अनंत काल तक कभी न खत्म होने वाली विकास-प्रक्रिया मे आगे हमेशा के लिये अत्युत्तम बचा रहने को धन्यभागी पाया जाता है |"
1. Since Eternity - अनंत काल से
2. One out of million - लाखों मे कोई-एक
3. By virtue of whatever - किसी भी गुणात्मक-योग्यता के आधार पर
4. Never to be known beforehand by other than the one - पहले से उस एक को छोड़कर किसी अन्य द्वारा कभी नहीं जान पाने को
5. Is being passed - गुजारा जा रहा होता है
6. Through the grace of the Supreme - सर्वश्रेष्ठ की अनुग्रह से
7. And among such graced - और ऐसे अनुगृहीत लोगों के बीच
8. Only one is found blessed मात्र एक धन्यभागी पाया जाता है
9. To remain - बचा रहने को
10. Transcendental – अत्युत्तम
11. Throughout any further - आगे हमेशा के लिये
12. in the never ending process of evolution upto eternity - अनंत काल तक कभी न खत्म होने वाली विकास-प्रक्रिया में

Note: To me Transcendental is meant for “irrelevant to dualistic aspect of existential-existence” and existential-existence (including entity in form named HariOm Tiwari too) is meant for including all – in the name of material and spiritual, visible and invisible, animate and inanimate.

…………………………….to be concluded

HariOm Tiwari said...

"As a matter of fact
one in a million has
the real urge to merge,
courage and the honesty
to accept… to admit
that he/she doesn’t know anything!"
...'Nitin Ram'

The very urge what in poetic expression could be said for real or unreal is nothing but 'Grace of the supreme' that is not to be said for happening all of sudden co-incidently in certain one span of life but out of rigrous awaresome practices under evolutionary process in time frame-since eternity !

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks :-)

Nishabda- The Wordless:

With Love