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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why am I getting so late?

MG: It’s been very long journey. Why am I getting so late?

NR: Earnestness with Patience :-)
This term…Earnestness with Patience,
though looks funny & paradoxical 
but has an essential probability &
tremendous potential to Unearth ITSELF…or...
The Eternal Ease…Your Real Nature… or The Truth!

Earnestness and Patience,
though appear to be contradictory and yet they coexist!

Earnestness operates at one hand through
the under-current that IT must be unearthed &
at the same time,‘Eternal Patience’ also operates
through the solid Faith that
IT can’t hide for longer than IT is required to.
So have the Faith that IT will get Unearthed
as soon as IT is fully ripe. 

A fully ripe fruit falls by itself and  
never hang on without reason & that’s the beauty…! :-) 

Look at this lion king…
so much earnest to find the prey and yet so patient! :-) 

Everything arrives at the Right Time 
which includes the night & the morning…
the darkness & the light!
Thank you so much.

With Love,

Nitin Ram
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!


RD said...

Thankx :)
What u have stated here is very much TRUE!!
Even this Earnestness Patience ORIGINATES from THE VERY SOURCE & this is revealed through the absolute faith in the Satguru...!!
Jai Guru


Nitin Ram said...

Thanks RD...Jai Guru

Latika Teotia said...

Very meaningful blog Nitin.... :) What is the use of success if we cannot enjoy life in the process....??? We must learn to live in the moment and take out the time to feel the emotions of all living beings around us... :)

Latika Teotia

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,
Very nice.
Earnestness + Patience = Timelessness.



Jozef said...

Excellent blog post..
Thank u so much nitin :)


Chaitanya Varma said...

Very desirable attributes ! Fabulous pair ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you !