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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Self Calling: Self Reminder Meditations

It's my pleasure to announce release of a new book
Self Calling: Self Reminder Meditations.
Publishers: Zen Publications

Self Calling is a Generation NEXT book on ‘Thoughtful Meditations’, a thought transforming collection of insightful meditations touching the deepest core of human awareness.

A paradox in itself, ‘thoughtful meditations’ inspire at a novel dimension of meditation, which doesn't require controlling or silencing the mind. Nitin asserts that irrespective of the passing thoughts, a joyful state of being can be discovered leading to a healthier, happier and more successful life.

Pointers and messages from ‘Self Calling’ are simple, direct, thought -provoking meditations that can raise the readers beyond their general reasoning and justifications of life, subtly assisting them into a radical shift and self-transformation, into a state of ‘nothing’, which scientists have described as the absence of the space-time concept.

Although implicitly the book touches the deepest core of the being, bringing in its readers an Independent Joy, the message is beyond any religion, or any religious practices. 

The book is available with many shops across the country and also available online with (For Indian residents) (International)


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nothing is Everything: New Book by Nisargadatta

It is such a pleasure to announce the release of a new book from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Nothing is Everything!

The book is published by Zen Publications, India
and is available on:

And also available worldwide on and

Nisargadatta Maharaj is undoubtedly the Ultimate Alchemist and his non-dual teachings, the Ultimate Alchemy.
This book is a live Satsang with Satguru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. And why will it not be when Maharaj’s evening translator Mr Mohan Gaitonde who had the privilege of being with Him from 1979 to 1981 has transcribed these rare and
unpublished conversations with Sri Nisargadatta through this book.
It is unique in the sense that Mr Gaitonde being
well-versed with Marathi, the language Maharaj spoke,
makes it easier for the reader to reveal the real meaning of
Maharaj’s words of wisdom.
The precious conversations in this book shall act as a divine catalyst
for all those who are eager to leave the banks of miserable seeking and
intellectual understanding. It will indeed help to realize the
ever-flowing river of Understanding of Who You Are!
If the ultimate medicines and the nectar have not yet cured the disease of
read and heard knowledge, the intuitive utterances of Nisargadatta in this book
can surely restore the Eternal Ease. He reminds the reader about their
forgotten Richness again and again!
Nothing is Everything is Nisargadatta’s ultimate blessing for the ardent seekers
to gather courage to face the divine paradox of Nothing is Everything.
If you are waiting for Everything but also ready for Nothing,
this book is a perfect touchstone.
Welcome all to the final leap into Nisargadatta’s quintessential teachings. 
It will definitely transcend the seeking into the Understanding of Who You Are,
by ceasing the seeking forever.