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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Divine Secret: Why & How?

Search for answers to every 'Why' leads to Relative Truth,
Search for answers to every 'How',
may lead to the Absolute Truth
Concerning 'Who You Are?'.

With every answer to 'Why',
Mind is satisfied &
'me (ego)' is strengthened,
With every answer to
Mind is shattered &
'me' is annihilated!

'Why' keeps us enmeshed in
Realm of Mind,
'How' helps in
Transcending Mind!

Answers to 'Why'
lead to 'I know' (egoistic) state,
(No)Answers to 'How'
lead to
'I know nothing',
a state of surrender!

Answers to 'Why'
entangle us in concept of 'Causality',
(No)Answers to 'How'
reveal falsity of 'Causality'.

Are you obsessed
& satisfied with
Relative Truths?
Are you in search of
Absolute Truth???

Nitin Ram
31 JULY 14


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The Divine Secret:Why & How?
Two most important questions that each one comes across in life. (Click to read full post)