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Monday, June 04, 2012

The Ultimate Gift

Picture courtesy: Shaantanu Kulkarni

What gift
can be offered
the Master?

'Body-Mind' spectacles...
& nothing else... :-)

Jai Guru

With Love,

Nitin Ram
02 June 2012

Faith... full of patience, The ultimate Anti-Virus!

According to Indian mythology and poetry, this bird (Chatak) drinks only rain water drop by drop as it pours down. However thirsty it may be, it does not drink any other kind of water, not from the streams, rivers or collected rainwater. It is said that this bird can live for many days without water.
Scientific name: Clamator jacobinus (Boddaert).
Common name: Pied Crested Cuckoo
Picture courtesy: Rajesh Panjwani

The most
Commonly found
In the
‘Seeker apparatus’
‘Complain’ :-)

Faith …
full of patience;
The Ultimate Anti-Virus!

-Nitin Ram
31 MAY 2012

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!