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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are 'you' ready to be gulped?

For all those
who cannot
directly digest
the 'Cookie*'
the variety of
the Cookie*
created... !

*Cookie of Understanding (Truth/Bodha) that the Sage Ashtawakra presented to King Janaka which was gratetefully accepted, imbibed & digested by Janaka. The thought 'Janaka'...dissolved in the Cookie* permanently! The Cookie* gulped the thought called Janaka! ;-)

Everyone is obssesed with the recipes! A rare one is looking for the Cookie*! A rarest one is ready to digest & the rarest of the rarest is ready to be gulped by the Cookie*! Are 'you' ready..... ??????????????????

With Love,

Nitin Ram
27 August 2012
Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer.

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