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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Happy Diwaling"

The Light Within Illuminates [ itself ] The Whole Beingness; in which Appears, The Lights of Diwali & in which Dissapears, the concepts like "Light" as well "Within"....... ;-) Happy Diwaling ...............Thankingggggggggg -shadow 27 October 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008


Babuji No More.........!!!!!! Or Much More...!!!!!
Where can he go...other than HERE....!!!!
he always was Much Much More than perceived....
so again.........
became Much Much More..Anant..[ End-less ]
.....knowingness merged into itself,...hopefully;
knowingly..happily...and willingly........
The 'self" dissolved into "SELF"....
The shadow dissapeared
in its
Real SUBSTANCE......
and yet the fond memories of the beloved...remain.... like a name & number stored in the mobile.....
-13 Oct 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008


What's the meaning of 'Dassara', a traditional hindu festival! Is it just the Victory of Rama over Ravana (Victory of Good against Evil) as told in the childhood?

Dassara festival is a Celebration of RECOGNIZING What I am NOT, that is...Ten heads of Ravana...
(as described in mythology)!

Seeing directly, what I am certainly Not, these ten things. The burden of ten sticks this apparent 'me' carries, until it recognizes itself!

What I am certainly not? First Body (1), second Prana/Breath (2) hence not mind (3) which is extension of breath hence not even thoughts. I am neither identified consciousness(4) as it is identified & recognized from the age of 2 and will disappear on dropping of the body, so certainly temporal. When I am not this consciousness also, how can I be three states by which this consiousness operates, like knowingness (5), waking state(6) & sleeping state (7)! At the same time when I am not this consiousness also, how can I be three gunas (attributes) by which this consciousness  functions, such as satva-guna (8), rajas-guna (9) and tamas-guna (10)!

What remains after the negation of 
ten identities, ten heads of Ravana is THAT
Indescribable, which does not fall in "subject-object type" knowing. No one can know it!

Recognition of IT just Happens.
Celebration remains without A Celebrator;-)!

Happy Dassara :-)

With Love,

Nitin Ram
10 OCT 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Witnessing.......!!!!??? for whom..???

Qtn: Is it possible for, either a common man or a realised soul to be in "witnessing mode" every moment !?
Ans: A Direct SEEING.... may happen....with inward questioning like.... 1] why witnessing ??? 2] "who" has need to witness ? 3] what is the identity that does "witnessing" ? 4] Is "witnessor" really exists ?

If not....DIRECT SEEING....
the common man as u said [ say sadhaka ] start witnessing [ with a tool "I Am" or "beingness" which is the only capital available from age of 2 yrs ] & that is they do/teach in vipassana Meditation....Witnessing of breath, feelings, thoughts etc...everything that is Not "YOU"....
For years of such practise Happen & yet search does not end because belief of being the searcher "Remains'.... In this stage the strong notion persists that the "Witnessor" is separate from the "Witnessing", hence the so called sadhana [ spiritual practise ] continues..[ Witnessor is nothing but "knowingness without words"..which itself is temporal, because it started after 2 yrs of so called birth...& U see, we never had Any need of witnessing prior to Birth, Do u remember ??? I do not remember ...] And yet this kind of "Witnessing" Happens.. to begin with...till the belief in presence of the "Witnessor" as separate entity, which De-focuses so called sadhakas attention from "me as 'only the body' notion"....
When...DIRECT SEEING Happens..if it happens...the apparent "witnessor" gets dissolved/merged in "witnessing" [Beware, NO causality in CORE but surely Apperance of Causality as long as "Appearance is only REALITY" for the particular so called sadhaka ] & I guess.....
Realised is the ONE [ rather NONE ...forget the Labels ] who has recognised the Trinity of Witnessor, Witnessing object & Witnessing as ONE.....3 in 1 :-) Not intelectually, but Existentially...:-) that is my understanding ...i guess...i do not know...Anything.....
The so called "realised" also may be witnessing things while interacting with all apparent others....on consiousness level [ level of knowingness ] but otherwise "WHAT IS" prevails in Non-Witnessing/ Non-Knowing stateless state.......................... i [ a piece of conceptual garbage ]...who is as it is at this moment....HERE... Every word uttered is Concept [ in a way wordy garbage ] hence can be negated also :-) No way to express without any long as one knows that his/her name is not HIm or HER...
tks n regards Morning Cheeers ******

Monday, October 06, 2008

Just a STORY without a story-teller

Any story can be told
in Hundreds of ways..... It's simply the point of perception (with a strong notion of presence of the "Perceiver" separate from the "Perceived").
The one
story as a STORY.....
does not get bothered
by any type of its expression (in words)
yet genetic liking & disliking Swa-Bhav (inherent nature of body mind apparatus)
No'thing' to Prove..
No'one' to Prove.......
Morning cheers.....Enjoy

06 October 2008

Why do you want to "PROVE"..!!

you see
to Prove
know for sure
The Thing
is not Clear
inside yet.......!
Any Concept
can be
proved as wel disproved.....!
The intuitive clarity
never needs
any Approval
simply Shared
as a passing thought
certainly not by
'personal' thinking.... !

Cheerful Thanks :-)
06 Oct 2008