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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Identity Card: The Major Crisis

My life, My world
My likes, My dislikes
My choices, My dreams
My heart, My soul
My mind, My thoughts
My knowledge, My ignorance
My path, My journey
My joy, My suffering
My seeking, My methods
My hurdles, My problems
My efforts, My failures
My guru, My devotion
My faith, My doubts
My sins, My virtues
My birth, My re-birth
My principles, My truths
My progress, My evolution
My consciousness, My awareness
My awakening, My understanding!

All the
My & Mine’
has its roots
The Identity Card

The Identity Card
which is hanging
around the neck
round o clock
most surprisingly
Never questioned,
Never challenged! :-)

With love,

Nitin Ram
28 SEPT 2012

Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer!