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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Self Calling: Self Reminder Meditations

It's my pleasure to announce release of a new book
Self Calling: Self Reminder Meditations.
Publishers: Zen Publications

Self Calling is a Generation NEXT book on ‘Thoughtful Meditations’, a thought transforming collection of insightful meditations touching the deepest core of human awareness.

A paradox in itself, ‘thoughtful meditations’ inspire at a novel dimension of meditation, which doesn't require controlling or silencing the mind. Nitin asserts that irrespective of the passing thoughts, a joyful state of being can be discovered leading to a healthier, happier and more successful life.

Pointers and messages from ‘Self Calling’ are simple, direct, thought -provoking meditations that can raise the readers beyond their general reasoning and justifications of life, subtly assisting them into a radical shift and self-transformation, into a state of ‘nothing’, which scientists have described as the absence of the space-time concept.

Although implicitly the book touches the deepest core of the being, bringing in its readers an Independent Joy, the message is beyond any religion, or any religious practices. 

The book is available with many shops across the country and also available online with (For Indian residents) (International)



Nitin Ram said...

"Self Calling: Self Reminder Meditations"
is available on following links:


Available with Zen Publications

On Amazon USA For those who live outside India.

Available in UK:


Available On Amazon India



On Snapdeal:

On Bookganga:

Vineel Bhurke said...

Self calling - Self reminder meditations

Amazingly fluidized! Totally direct. Ideal way to be able to go into the Original State 'at ease'. Glad to find something like this which helped me to experience it after a gap of 4 years. _/\_

Nick Powell said...

Inspiring & extremely thought provoking.

Nitin Ram said...

Readers reviews:

Readers reviews:

anita singh said...

SELF CALLING is a blessing for modern-day spiritual seekers from a new-age mystic, Nitin Ram. It contains several small verses on which one can meditate & reflect upon. I feel like comparing him with Kabir, Nanak , Rahim or Rumi, who used similar style of expression. These revelations cum couplets have remarkable power to pierce deep rooted ignorance and can lead the seeker towards Self Realization. One doesn’t need big discourses to understand about secrets of life and one’s eternal existence. This book has precise hitting arrows of experiential understanding which hit straight to our heart. Mr. Ram has beautifully expressed the gist of eternal truth in condensed form to knock the door of ignorance. If one imbibe & grasp the hidden meaning or intent of even few of these verses, one can usher into great transformation. Book of realized ones are like blessing in disguise for the seekers who are ready. One need not go into seclusion into forest or mountain but to come nearer to thyself with broadening and deepening of Understanding. SELF CALLING certainly can be of immense help!
_()_ Hari Om Tat Sat …

Nitin Ram said...

Thank you _()_