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Monday, September 26, 2011

Show of NOW

Will you be able to attend
Current movie show
(Show of NOW*),
With the outdated Tickets* …!!? :-)
(Tickets of the Past)
Do you really need any tickets*
For that…..!! :-))

Best wishes with love…..

*Show of Now- Life
*Tickets- Concepts

-Nitin Ram

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!


Nanda Thakar said...

स न वि वि
खरोखर बोध घेणे हे जरुरीचे आहे.

फारच सुन्दर फोटो आहे.

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,
Sunderahoon Sunder.
Sashtang Namaskar.


Nitin Ram said...

Jai Guru....
SatGuru's grace is ever flowing...

Sanjay Shirole said...

Excellently said..

In fact on a personal note I had treated spiritual understanding an intellectual exercise - expecting intellectual analysis to finally result in a big bang enlightenment. This then became a burden carrying around a concept / image of consciousness, awareness, enlightenment as a foreign implant in the head. I could see myself very subtly visualising this 'Absolute Consciosuness' as something higher than my body which I need to aspire to (such are the games our mind plays) till a statement of Maharaj bought me back - it is not higher than the body-bowl but actually deeper , the very core of the body fact rightly - who is it (what is this awareness) that is really looking out from your eyes right now....

We cannot NOT be what we really are, at any moment - abiding as this very core being, first person is the real journey so to say - rather than carrying an idea, image or a thought however subtle...maharaj mentioned in context that everything that is not this Self has to be given up..

Best Regards,

Sanjay Shirole

Nitin Ram said...

Am so happy to read your mail :-))))! There isn't any greater pleasure (now) than seeing another reflection getting dissolved in the Eternal Subsance...returning HOME :-)))))
Am so happy.............which is beyond any words.....

Love n Regards