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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

सदगुरु नावाचा उलटा प्रवाह

सदगुरुंकडे मी
काहीतरी घ्यायला म्हणून गेलो,
तर त्यांनी माझा
'मी'च घेऊन टाकला!

सदगुरुंना मी
काहीतरी द्यायला म्हणून गेलो,
तर त्यांनी...त्यांचे
सर्वस्वच मला देऊन टाकले!

जय गुरु

सप्रेम शुभेच्छा

-नितीन राम

04 OCT 2008


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Ram,

'I am'appears to be this entire existence itself - what remains is then just to live as a dissolved part of this existence. Making 'sense' of this is just an intellectual abstraction - taking one a step away from 'what is', in fact.

May be that is why reading 'spiritual' books seems at times a futile exercise. Your remark stayed with me - "finding the reader".

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Dhanyvad!!! Sat-Guru !!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

Sunder, Sunder, aani atee Sunder.
With love & regards


Nitin Ram said...


Nitin Ram said...