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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Seeker & The Sought

The Puddle and The River,
The Seeker and The Sought!

With Love,

-Nitin Ram
23 April 2011


Hrishi said...

Dear Nitin,
Because of you, I realised that the seeker and the truth are in unison with each other!

I dnt know whether this is an intellectual understanding or real!
I was forced to admit after pondering a lot by Maharaj that "Why worry whether this is real or intellectual?"
and in his own words " The Janeev appeared spontaneously so like that this Janeev will disappear spontaneously,tu phakta baghya!"

And at this moment I am really not worried whether I should become an enlightened being or not!

Thanks a lot!


Nitin Ram said...

Grace of the SatGuru _()_

James Anderson said...

You said,"The seeker is the sought".

Astounishingly wonderful! Thanks Nitin. regards.

Kabeer said...

Truly beyond mind. Thanks a lot.