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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Realization: The Two Way Mirror

Picture Courtesy: © Darla Cobus
One way…. it’s always distorted,
appears as a dream…
or a doubt
or a belief.

The other way … it’s direct
as the undeniable reality…
one’s Real Nature,
beyond ...
doubt or belief!

With love,

-Nitin Ram

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!


S A M said...

I hope... I could see the other way :(

Nitin Ram said...

Most Certainly....there is no delay at all from the 'other side'..:-)!

Best wishes
With Love

Nanda Thakar said...

It is true. thanks.

Nanda Thakar

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear nitin,
Sadguru is needed to know that the
other way exists. otherwise people are engaged in first part only.
Love. Jaiguru.

Nitin Ram said...

So true...Jai Guru _()_