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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A millionaire beggar

A millionaire
lost his memory
was found begging
on the roadside.

A ‘distant’ friend
recognized him
and instantly
reminded him
about the reality
with details
including his
bank accounts etc.

the millionaire
be able
to beg again
after that…???

Any idea…???

Please share
if you wish
Just ignore it :-)

With Love,

-Nitin Ram
21 February 2012

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer

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R. Parameswaran said...

Dear Sir,


He will continue to beg until he realizes himself.. his true identity as millionaire. That is the beauty of the Truth.

Thanks with regards,
R. Parameswaran

Sathees Chandran said...

In all possibility the millionaire may continue to be the beggar ! As there is no guaranty that the new information would restore his memory...:)

Sathees Chandran

Satya Murti Sunil said...

Not at all...and this must be our situation...even U remind us again and again...but don't know why. Somehow we don't get it!...but still trying to get it...

Satya Murti Sunil

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,

This is a million doller qustion. We cannot ignore it.

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks everyone for reading this blog.

It is certainly a million dollar question
only the ignorant
can ignore it...I guess!
I don't know....

With Love

Aditi said...

Here comes the point of belief. If he believes he is a millionaire he will certainly stop begging.

Aditi said...

If he BELIEVES he is a millionaire then certainly he would stop begging as his ego won't let him do it any further.

sanecon said...

I realize that I am the millionaire begging and despite many reminders that have come to me reminding me of my millionaireship, I still see myself begging. A mere reminder definitely is insufficient as long as I am not ripe enough to be activated into my original memory by the reminder!!!

Ramkrishna said...

Dear Nitin

No more begger provided his memory remains intact to utilize the reminder.


Vineet Joshi said...

If he is convinced that he has ample balance with him and he must have faith on distant friend.

K D Samant said...

It would not make any difference to him, unless he regains his memory. What's your thinking?

JP said...

Afetr finding his own 'identity' the millionaire will behave as 'he is'. If the dream itself is not there, how the beggar & the begging process will exist?
It is so easy to understand but very difficult to behave like that.
Kalate pan Valat nahi..


SK said...

Yes he can

Hitesh said...

Obviously not. Considering todays world of Kaliyug, it is highly impossible, but still I believe that he wont beg.


Arvind said...

He may continue begging... as a habit... or his body dharma, just as Ram was searching for Sita inspite of the fact that he himself was GOD :-)


Prasad said...

Is this the story about me? I am not the millionaire... moneywise...


Ravi said...


And even after that if he begs... then.... he is a psychic.


Hrishi said...

Why should he..?

Deepa said...

No. Why would he beg again..? :-)

Suresh said...

Not for a while...
But he is still beggar for the
security of his memory and his
millions. :-)

One more thought Nitin ( Please correct with your view)...

Millionaire just being life itSELF will never beg and 'he' Sees that the millions and/or memory is never 'his' is never lost and never needed... still.. he may find himself begging but knowing that it is a dream.


SS said...

Very very true...thanks

Santosh Tawade said...

He will try to find out all his wealth details with the help of that friend immediately.

And it depends on how much he believes in his friend. He wont be able to beg if he really believes in his friend.

Santosh Tawade

Peter Dion said...

A millionair got rich by bullying and cheating poor people. This is has to do with character not memory. A millionair losing his memory would be the same. He would not beg he would continue to bully people to get what he wants, begging is something he would never do.

If he did before then he will again. I f he did not then he wont.

Peter Dion

Uday said...

distant is always away,it is of no use unless it is from own conviction.
He may or maynot beg because both are temporory phases.

reality7 said...

Thank you Nitin. Just ignoring it.

In love,


sheela said...

i think he will continue to beg as long as he's in ignorance...till he realizes 'who am i?'what he has now is only theoretical knowledge of self

Dr.Shweta said...

well that's what a Guru reminds us of that we are all emperors who have forgotten our real empire and are thus begging for trivial things.
A Guru unveils the truth to us ...

Alok Banerjee said...

Does he need to, now that he could have access to his Bank Accounts? Unless he finds it as an escape from the real world, in which case he would feign to be a beggar & continue to begg :-)
What's your take... mate ?


Dr.Shweta said...

no every act has a purpose behind it, known or unknown to the doer.Now that he has realised the truth his actions would take a different direction. It is just a revelation, that brings out the required action...

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks all of you once again for the overwhelming response to the million dollar question :-)!

Special thanks to Sanjay, Santosh Narayanan, Santosh Tawade, K D Samant sir, Dr Shweta .... :-)!

Couple of friends (K D Samant & Alok) asked me about my take on this question and will post that soon with the title "A beggar millionaire"...! To be honest "A Millionaire beggar" was my own story...:-)! Who was my friend??? Beloved... Osho and then Nisargadatta Maharaj....! Am ever grateful to these compassionate friends... Satgurus!

Etrnally yours
as your SELF

Swati said...

A smart question Sir!:)Once reminded, he will immediately realise his folly and he will stop begging and start enjoying his wealth. If sometimes he is tempted to beg or gets accidentally involved with the idea of begging, he will immediately go and check his bank balance and derive satisfaction from the fact that he has millions with him and there is no need of even entertaining that thought of begging.

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Swati :-)!
Yes you are right... Lol

My views on this million dollar question is posted here:
A beggar millionaire:

Love n Regards

Swati said...

Read your views Ram! Very beautifully expressed! One couldn't ask for more! :)