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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Apart from
the skillful art
of the sculptor
it is the
of the stone
that enables
to reveal
the hidden

With Love,

-Nitin Ram
05 February 2012
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!


Megha Desai said...

Dear Ram,

Thank you for the beautiful message.Since yesterday I was thinking if change is part of life everything around us is changing so this ever changing world what is the secret of staying peaceful or centred......kept on reading thoughts..not a single answer ...bit confused by
my own mind... at last I slept...hahaaaaa! This morning when saw your mail, there is the answer...non resistance of the stone.wonderful...


Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,

Very nice. Just like a flowing river. Love.


Hrishikesh said...

How does this matter ?
Why so much stress on changing oneself ? Why reduce or why force someone to be non resistant? Why not resist ?
Harder the stone difficult is the task of the sculptor !
And the true sculptor accepts it as a challenge !!
Now chiselling it out is the problem of the scultor! So don't blame the stones if u can't make a beautifull sculpture out of it!
If everything is one then how does it matter ?
Why say that someone is resisting or he or she has got the resistance of that false body,mind,entity? Trigunas and all that nonsense?

Making a beautiful sculpture is the skill of the Sculptor ! The job of the Stone is to get chiselled.... and I believe that the stone is helpless, choiceless, the only thing he can do is to get chiselled !!


Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Megha, Jai-Mohan & Hrishi :-)!

@ Hrishi: Dear Hrishi, you missed the bus for you did not notice:
(Labels: Description not Prescription)
at the foot of this post..:-)


Anonymous said...

very appropriately said.
when one sees nonduality between nonresistance & resistance one won't
be in any conflict. As in dream both are (resistsnce , nonrestsance) appearances only.

Elise Goldstein Widerker said...

Aha! if only we always met with non-resistance!

Elise Goldstein Widerker

Santosh Dubal said...

Superb Insight N.R.,Great!

Shweta Sharma said...

Simply surrender, says the sculptor and allow my love to carve out all the roughness to reveal the beauty hidden within....