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Friday, March 02, 2012

'मी' कोण आहे? : मूळभूत प्रश्न

"मूळ-भूत" प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मिळत नसते.
'भूत' नष्ट झाले की.... 'मूळ' आपसुक उघडे पडते...
'मूळ-स्वरुप’ आपसुक मोकळे होते…!
'भूत' म्हणजे काय... कल्पना... भास.
जे नाहीये पण आहे असे वाटते.. 'ते'.
'भूत' म्हणजे... शोधणारा... साधणारा...!
कशाला साधायला जाते आहे हे भूत...
तर मूळाला,
मूळ-स्वरुपाला... जे स्वतः असंध आहे ! :-)

सप्रेम नमस्कार

-नितीन राम
०१ मार्च २०१२

जेथे ओळख पटली, तेथे ओळख संपली.

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दिलीप said...

प्रश्नकर्त्याचेच विसर्जन .... वां फारच छान. गुरुकृपेने सर्व शक्य होते ह्यांत शंका नाही. तुमच्या शब्दातील लपलेला 'गुह्यार्थ' कळायला कदाचित अजून शंभर वर्षे जावी लागतील. अनंत आभार. दिलीप

Nitin Ram said...

मेरा साया ;-)

फासले ऐसे भी होंगे...ये कभी सोचा न था...! सामने बैठा था मेरे... और वो मेरा ही था...!

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,
We loved that Bhoot picture very much. It is very happy nonstop dancing.

S A M said...

Every time I come here and get frustrated. What this person is saying?? and what the hell all these guys commenting on it have understood? Every 'LOL' makes me more envious. Its like going to a pary where everyone is having fun; one makes joke, the other understands it, laughs on it and I wonder what the joke was.

Still I come again to visit the blog to get frustrated again one more time. :-|

Nitin Ram said...

Hi SAM... Thanks for visiting & writing. Am sorry to hear that you get frustrated each time you visit here.

I guess there are couple of ways to get out of the frustration of not able to understand or resonate what is being said here.

First is to keep reading n reading n between the lines and second is to post a question and get the confusions cleared.

You mentioned, "I am a man in search of my true self. Still confused about 'Why all this?'"

I feel each one here is searching for his/her True Self, though knowingly or unknowingly. And the dis'ease' continues until he/she Recognizes ones True Self. Why not question and get the confusions resolved forever from whoever you feel appropriate?

Confusions are nothing but varied thoughts/concepts/notions fighting with each other and can be vanished forever with direct questioning.

Thanks once again...with love

Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,

Short , neat, & sweet.