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Friday, April 06, 2012

तुम जो मिल गये हो....

* Satguru Nisargadatta Maharaj was born in 1897 on this day. Hanuman Jayanti Day!
This post is in loving memory of the beloved Maharaj, who cannot be remembered as He is never forgotten! There is no way known to me to thank the Existence… The Satguru! Love You so much!

तुम जो मिल गये हो... 
तो लगता है ऐसे....
कि जहां मिल गया......!
एक भटके हुए राही को...
कारवां मिल गया..........!

जय सदगुरु

Having found You…
the Universe is found!
A wanderer vanished…
in the Universal Company!

You are not here and yet I have You! You are ever Here and yet I miss You! Isn’t it so wonderful..!Thank You Oh Beloved!! Thank You so much!!! :-)

-Nitin Ram
06 APRIL 2012
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!

*The biographical film on Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj 'TATVAMASI-YOU ARE THAT'
available on The glimpses can be found here:


Subbu Hari said...

Jaate Jaate tune yun bulaya...palat ke dekha tho MIT Gaya main aur mera saya... Teri EK aahat ne bhardi godh meri .. Jo saari duniya ghooma phir Bhi na samet paya

Rajadhiraj satgurunath nisargaddata maharaj ki jai

Megha said...

Thank you!!! for sharing loving memory of Satguru Nisargadatta Maharaj ji.

The sum total of our life is a breath.
spent in the company of the Beloved.
-Abu Abil

:)))) Have a beautiful day..!

Warm Regards & Love

Nitin Ram said...

Jai Guru.... _()_