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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life is an illusion...Beyond doubt, Beyond belief

Sunrise in each Water Droplet: Picture Courtesy: Marja (The Netherlands)

Any doubt
an illusion
is the
biggest illusion!

Any effort
to end
the illusion
is part of
the illusion!

Any process
to end
the illusion
is indeed
another illusion!

The ‘seeking entity’
that is
trying to
the illusion
The Mother of
All the illusions!

YOU are prior
this primordial illusion....!
Enjoy ;-)

Jai Guru _()_

With Love,

-Nitin Ram
21 APRIL 2012
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer.

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Jayant Sathaye said...

V Beautiful indeed!

Jyoti said...

Innumerable Thanks n Love

Shivdas said...



K D Samant said...

Thanks for the Reminder!
The opening statement itself could sound like an illusion till one experiences it.

uday puranik said...

I liked photograph very much. It contains lot of unsaid things .
What is illusion and who cognizises ?

Dr.Shweta said...

very thoughtful selection of pictures by you , as always.

I was reminded of something what Osho has said , after looking at this picture--
'' The morning dew drop, though a momentary illusion, makes even the most beautiful pearls jealous of it's shine and sparkle, when the sun rays cause it to sparkle but momentary it is in it's existence,and trickles away as the dawn progresses''

Shveta said...

In deep turbulance You are my silence. When i think i know it all, You show me what a fool i am. You shower me with Grace, love & compassion and when i think i am more special than others, You show i could not be more meagre.
In Your any form, love, compassion, Grace or Wisdom, i cant catch you and the minute i try, You are gone.
When i feel i lost You,
You surprise me with your Presence and total compassion!
I can never be You, i can never immitate You, i open my fist as i can not posses You., You are beyond me. I am too ignorant in my arrogance! You are the source of my existence and the wisdom in my empty knowledge!
I cant exist without You. Endlessly and totally YOURS, forever and ever! Your ignorant student. shveta

Nitin Ram said...

Life is
an illusory reflection,
the illusory mirror
of 'consciousness'!:-)!

With Love

04 SEPT 2012