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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is that knowledge?

What's the use
your knowledge
if it cant
the Eternal Innocence? :-)

With Love,

Nitin Ram
19 May 2012
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer


Ramakrishna Chauhan said...

Dear Nitin,

At present I am reading PARAMHANSA Ramkrishna's Vachanamruta. On practically every page one senses his INNOCENCE.To realise THAT Innocence is one of the prime things.

INNOCENCE = SARALATA( no crookedness in not only thinking but in action also).

Ramakrishna Chauhan

Anonymous said...

Restoration of
Eternal Innocence
sue motto
of 'use ..'
in the name of
knowledge !

If true
then I am deprived by
once for always !!
still I feel shy
by my way of living
by submitting my views
though uncalled for !!!

men of wisdom
as well as ignorants
following same path
but with a little eccecentricity
just before reaching origin
make them in orbit
never to tread the same point
again n again !!!!

Root of wisdom lies
in going back to womb
but with a little eccectricity
following cosmic law
never to begin from the earlier
and the same and exactly the same
to repeat for ignorants !!!!!

Nitin Ram said...

Thank you 'Anonymous Baboo' :-)!

Incidently...I have no Agenda!Lol
Nothing to attain… nothing to lose!

What’s your Agenda… mmm !??

With Love

maura said...

That is Love. Love is felt. How can you define love with the concepts? Jai Guru, can you talk about love?

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks Maura :-)!

How much I love you?

Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer!

Love is the river flowing in reverse mode:

Love is the gate:

love - love = LOVE

Jai Guru