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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Blind Faith

A blind living in the company of blinds,
tends to have more faith in
'known blinds', rather than in
Unknown 'Man with Sight'!

A blind is most likely to rely upon
'known blind' even to Recognize
'The Man of InSight'!

The Existence is paradoxical...! Lol

Jai Guru

Salaam with Love,

Nitin Ram
04 Aug 2012
Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer.

Points to ponder upon: Fear factor, Ignorance, 'self (ego)'' protection, 'self' security, Value of Satsang.

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Nishchala said...

Excellent! Thanks for such a hard hitting insight Nitin. Many years ago Indian mystic Kabeer used to hit so hard for the seeker has some sort of built-in fear of self-dissolution. I am grateful to you.


Nitin Ram said...

It's the grace of the Guru!

:-) My guru Nisargadatta Maharaj was equally explosive & deadly just like Kabeer! What else can the Deadly Alive do...!!!!

Jai Guru! _()_


Jai-Mohan said...

Dear Nitin,

101% true. We loved it.Love.


Anonymous said...

The known blind is my mind... god, thank you... may it be as it is... every moment as whatever sensation experienced.. just to see you underneath all...

love.. loads... loads..

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Too good, very true :)

Reema Sharma said...

Truthful paradox Lol
Thank u so much.

sheela said...

Great insight!! Thank you ...:-)