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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ZOAR, Retreat For Inner Adventure (AUG/SEPT)

Residential Retreats with Nitin Ram* 
on :
1)     28, 29, 30 August 2015 And
2)     11, 12, 13 September 2015

Z O A R 
Retreat for Inner Adventure
What’s inside is projected outside! Confusions within are projected as fear outside! Fear turns into psychological suffering. But Experiential Clarity brings Awakening Results! Experience it NOW!
If you have been running away from the Secret* of ‘Who You Are’, it’s time to run towards it* & embrace it* forever, for the Ultimate Rest lies Here, prevails Here! It’s time to Re-treat yourself!

Limited participants: Max 4-5 nos.

For Details:

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