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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Sincere & Serious Probe"

Can u Find one single reason
why do u feel that
you are not THAT.............!!! 
Can u Give one single reason
why do u feel like
Searching THAT..............!!! 
Can u Tell one single reason for,
what exactly stops u
from just KNOWING,
that You Are THAT .........!!!

Ponder deeply on probable concepts in the sub-conscious..
that stops u...from Direct KNOWING (without a Knower)..!!!
Check out for any of the following Concepts (Falsely Taken as Truth) like;
Mind is not yet Still,
Thoughts still arise,
Feelings still occur,
I don't have any Non-Dual experience,
It's so difficult & only can be achieved
by lots of penance,
My Master achieved it with Sadhana (penance),
I don't have any visions yet,
I don't feel yet that there is any evidence,
or many such so called precious Concepts...
There isn't any desire HERE
to know any of your personal Concepts;
But you can find out for yourself with
A Sincere & Serious Probe...
And...... by the way Who is probing ...!

If at all you can probe the 'probing entity'.... ; - )

Cheers.......& Love.

20 Jan 2009


aditi said...

u make me think.
when i read i feel i am able 2
seep in evrything bt when i think
its all wiped off n m blank.

keep writing 4 i believe in you!!!

abideinself said...

Do YOU really think..??
Or the Thoughts jusT HAPPEN...???
jUST cHECK OUt ...;-)