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Monday, June 28, 2010

A "Truth"ful Joke !

I happen to read following text under the SMS Joke of the day section today, which represents the spiritual seekers in a broader perspective. ;-)

Dog: My owners feed me, love me, provide me with a nice house, and take good care of me. They must be Gods!
Cat: My owners feed me, love me, provide me with a nice house, and take good care of me. I must be the God!

Dogs or Cats as mentioned above, just represent the spiritual seekers in broader perspective. For either of them the journey on the pathless path begins from an assumed point: For the first (Dog) say Bhakta starts with "YOU- Only YOU" - I am Nothing ( Not me ) whereas for the other (Cat) say starts with "ME- Nothing else- I am Everything ( I AM )...! :-)
With breaking of a Dream..during the course of this so called journey...The First wakes up at HOME with an understanding, "MYSELF- What is not me! I am Everything" and the other wakes up from a dream with an understanding," YOU-What is not you! I am Nothing"!. :-) The circle gets completed, when reaching HOME happens...(not from an external door)..waking up from a 'waking-state dream' happens! What is common in both the cases is "waking up from a dream". Does not matter what is the assumed beginning point 'cause it is alwyas a part of the dream including the dreamer!
Best wishes,

With Love,
Nitin Ram
28 JUNE 2010


Anonymous said...

Excellently put - one can come to awareness either through 'I am' or 'only that' - the dog / cat example drives it 'Home' clearly


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

Thanks for the nice spiritual joke. Waking up from the dream is important. Tru bhakta will not use that word '' they must be'' he will say''. they are god''. Same is the case with Dnani.
Thanks once again.

Regards & love,

Anonymous said...

"very nice! excellent!"

-Santosh Dubal

uday said...

nobody in dream, nobody dreamer; only understanding prevails, NO DREAM or no awakening.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,
Moment to moment I live
Moment to moment I die
Moment to moment witnessing happens
Is it not a joke


Xana xanala me marate janu
Xana xanala me janmate janu
Xana xanala ghadate saxitva
Yala leela navhe taara kaay mhanu?
With love & regards,
Jai guru