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Friday, July 16, 2010

Seeking or the Understanding ?

Tranlsated from the original Marathi post: अभ्यास का बोध !?

Seeking is based on some reason,
Understanding is without any!

Seeking is with an effort & purpose,
Understanding is spontaneous & effortless!

Understanding is absent in the Seeking,
While the ‘Seeker’ (one who is trying to understand)
is absent in the Understanding!

Seeking consists of the seeker, seeking & the sought,
While only the Understanding of one’s Real Nature prevails in the Understanding!

Seeking/Search consists of the search, searcher & the searched,
Understanding denies the very ‘Searcher’!

Seeking consists of stages, intervals & may be some practices,
While the Understanding is Eternal...despite of them!

Seeking has an aim or objective,
while the nature of Understanding is itself aim-less!
Seeking is supported by listening, reading or pondering,
While the Understanding is Self-supporting (independent)!

Fear of forgeting the 'gathered knowledge' prevails in the Seeking,
While, even the thought of having understood is absent in the Undersatnding!

Background of Seeking is always... Duality,
While the Understanding is the groundless Non-Duality!

Seeking is an ever changing state,
Whereas Understanding …. the ‘stateless’ state!

In Seeking, lock exists and the search for the key happens,
While in the Understanding, the clear Understanding prevails that
the lock and the key were never separated (two)! :-)

With Love,
Nitin Ram
23 November 2009

*Understanding: Understanding without a separate understander.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Pointers!!!-Postmortem of ''seeker'' & his''Seeking''.
Very Very Thanks....

Anonymous said...

excellently put - one zen master has put it like this - finding rather than seeking..a continuous movement of understanding (is how J Krishnamurthy puts it...) bang on..


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,

We like your tanslation.It is very accurate.

Paltoo says "if you meet Sat Guru all your life's work is done".
Seeking means sadhak & Understanding is Sat Guru.
Sat guru chi bheta. 'Bhe' mhanaje bhed & 'tta' mhanaje talane.
Bhed talane [bhet ghadane]

Jai Gurudev.

Anonymous said...

"In understanding the knowing prevails which is not of the past and it is amazing how a knowing sustains without past references."

-Sathees Chandran

advaita said...

Superb!!!!!!!!!!Santosh Kunte

sheela said...

Beautifully expressed truth!!!!