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Friday, June 29, 2012

Why so much obsession for the Past?

It is often seen that,
Dead & distant
Live & instant
Missed! ;-)

Is that so? Why…..???

It could be;
And the most important
What we really are eternally.

What are the reasons, obstacles, fears for,
Obsession of the Past… Dead… Distant
Allergy for the Present… Now… Live… Instant?

Are you Dead or Alive...???????

The Sincere & honest probe… investigation could lead to
re-clicking of this eternal NOW Clock once again ;-)!

Best wishes. Thank you so much!

With Love... Jai Guru

Nitin Ram
27 June 2012
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!

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Subbu Hari said...

Nice one Bhaiya

UG said...

So true, the mind longs for what is not and misses what is!

DB said...

Do we fail to appreciate what is close because we r busy judging them?

Anonymous said...

Because Live and Closest are always taken for granted :)

Madhura said...

Lovely message!!!

Shveta said...

Ha Ha Ha! You are all set as absolute existence to envolpe all damn droplets, uh??!!! Loads of love, shveta

Anonymous said...

Is this for me or in general? Anways I myself never missed u but missing u.

Anonymous said...

May be we are worried about reciprocative consequences..

KDS said...

NISARGADATTA Maharaj used to say, "dont waste time finding reasons... ACT"

Mikette said...

Is it the fear of dissolution of the 'me' entity?

Manoj Sardesai said...

Bhootkalatlya aatthwani kadhat...bhavishyachi swapne rangawat...vartamaanat jaganei...
Bhootkaal visroon...bhavishyachi chintaa sodun..vartamaanatla pratyek NOW satkaarani lawne .....choice is yours !!!!!!
He sarva malaa jamel kaa?????

Manoj Sardesai

dr.uday puranik said...

Ending of past is end of you as you know yourself,which one does not want.One cannot know whether he is alive or dead without looking outside.Nobody has chance to know what reality,eternity is because it is beyond perception

Nitin Ram said...

Thanks all of you for your reflections on this post.

May i repeat the Real Question once again...

Why is so much....
Obsession of the Past… Dead… Distant
Allergy for the Present… Now… Live… Instant?


S A M said...

Because I am sure of now and I want this same assurance for future. My experience does not assure me this permanence.

Nitin Ram said...

@Manoj Sardesai: भूतकाळ विसरून, भविष्यकाळाची चिंता सोडून... वर्तमानातील प्रत्येक क्षण हा सत्कारणी लावणे म्हणजे काय?? सत्कारणी म्हणजे.... सत्य-कारणी लावणे... सत्याच्या शोधासाठी लावणे... सत्य जाणण्यासाठी लावणे...सत्य उघड होऊ देण्यासाठी लावणे. पण असे कधी होऊ शकते बरे? होय नकीच होऊ शकते. पण...तेव्हाच... जेव्हा आपली असत्यामधील गोडी कमी होईल तेव्हा. बरं मग असत्यातील गोडी कशी कमी होणार हा प्रश्न पडतो. हो ना ?? असत्यातील गोडी आणि त्यावरील श्रद्धा कमी होण्यासाठी ...त्या आधी 'असत्य' काय आहे हे पण कळणे आवश्यक आहे ना...?? की नाही??? म्हणून सर्वप्रथम असत्य काय आहे हे जाणण्याचा प्रयत्न करता येऊ शकतो. कसा काय करणार हा प्रयत्न?? काय मोज-माप आहे त्यासाठी... कोणती फूटपट्टी वापरायची 'असत्य' ओळखायला??? तर मग पहा... जे-जे 'येते आणि जाते' ते "असत्य"! क्षणीक सुख जे येते आणि जाते... तसेच दुखःही येते आणि जाते. सुख आणि दुखः, काहीतरी कारणवश येते आणि जाते. जे येते आणि जाते ते 'असत्य'.... पण सत्य ते आहे जे 'अकारण' आहे रे... स्वयंभू आणि निराधार आहे. जेथे दुख:ची किंचीतशीही चाहूल पण नाही आणि म्हणूनच सुखाची अपेक्षा पण नाही. सुखाची अपेक्षा नाही म्हणूनच दुखःची उपेक्षापण नाही. अवर्णनीय........असे हे सत्य-नित्य असे 'सत्य' आत्ता आणि इथे आहे... सदैव आहे आणि तेच आपले मूळ-स्वरूप आहे.... जय जय रामकृष्ण हरी....एक नाम हरी- द्वैत नाम दूरी.......सप्रेम धन्यवाद... सप्रेम नमस्कार ♥

Nitin Ram said...

@ SAM: Thanks dear Shamish for your honest reflection. I am touched by your reply.
Very few has the courage to accept this.

You said that the reason for the obsession for the past is Because You are sure of now and You want this same assurance for future. Your experience does not assure you this permanence."

Yes...who does not seek permanence here ??? At the same time 'who' has been successful in getting IT so far? And that too ones identity as the body+mind apparatus??? Not even Krishna or Rama or Jesus or Mozes...! :-) And yet all of them COGNIZED the REAL Permanence by cognizing their Real realizing who they really are!
So what is important is not to waste time in seeking permanence for the body+mind apparatus but to recognize what we really are eternally. Don't you think so??
Life is a beautiful opportunity for this. By recognizing your Real Nature the unreal will never disturb YOU! What is unreal??? That which comes n goes..that which is changing... that which is transient. Look at this Body+Mind apparatus and you will find that it is ever changing, aging as the time passes. Isn't it ?? Ant yet something within us that ever remains the total time frame between birth & death. What's that??? The 'Sense of Presence'.. the sensation that 'you exists' exists not as Shamish or Nitin but just the sense of existence...which is so undeniable. With passing time the identities that we hold about ourselves are changing but this Sense of Presence is Unchanged. Isn't it ?? .... Drop a mail in case you wish discuss further...

Thanks ..with love n regards

vinaya baad said...


Jenny said...

Killing post :) Thank u nitin